Machinal, written by Sophie Treadwell, was unfortunately an unfinished process due to COVID-19 but it was originally Mack's Capstone Production for the Webster Conservatory. They were able to have a full design process and one week of rehearsals but were cut short before opening night. However, the process is just as important (particularly in an educational environment) than the final product so here is a taste of that!

Directed by: Mack Finklea
PSM: Jacob Farkus
Stage Manager: Chloe Grotheer
ASMs: Caroline John and Jenna Koch
Scenic design by: Maggie Nelson
Lighting Design by: Madeleine Reid
Costume Design by: Meredith Schieltz
Sound Design by: Sasha Gonzales
Wig and Make up by: Lucy Garlich
Technical Direction by: Isabelle Denstaedt
Props by: Kylie Ferguson
Dramaturg: Kylie Hill

Costume Renderings by Meredith Schieltz

Lighting Renderings by Madeleine Reid

Set Renderings by Maggie Nelson